PoSH is the culmination of Your Nutrition Team’s desire to facilitate healing in cancer patients through the combination of our various skills: cancer nutrition, gardening, soil ecology, permaculture, mindfulness, meditation, whole foods cooking, and creating non-toxic healthy homes. Slated to open in March 2016, the PoSH Retreat Center will be a special place for those with cancer and their families to be pampered, learn stress-reduction techniques, and immerse themselves in a healing environment.

Can’t attend a retreat? Follow this eZine to learn how to create your own healthy home, gather tips for sourcing the most potent anti-cancer foods, explore food storage methods that preserve nutritional quality, discover why soil quality governs the healing potential of our foods, learn mindfulness strategies, consider the healing power of nature AND MORE! Whether you’ve just finished your cancer treatments, or merely want to adopt a preventative lifestyle, you won’t want to miss our articles.

To learn more about our distance consulting services at Nutritional Solutions, follow us http://www.facebook.com/NutritionalSolutions, call 435-563-0053 or visit http://www.Nutritional-Solutions.net.


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