gallery PoSH Edible Landscape, Spring Tour

An enchanted spring, with so many trees in bloom!
Entrance to PoSH and it’s patio.
Rock garden planted with strawberries, lavender, violets, culinary herbs, and edible flowers (tulips and daylilies).
Juneberry (white flowering bush) underneath nectarine’s pink blossoms. Spruce tips in foreground are an excellent source of vitamin C, brewed as a tea or infused in vinegar.
Cayuga and Ancona ducks napping in their paddock under the apricot and peach trees.
“Hiccup,” our regal Cayuga drake! Ducks forage for insects in the mulch under the orchard, and feast on comfrey and weeds.
Duplex Scorzonera, typically grown for it’s root, here provides the tastiest salad greens ever. They’re perennial and come back every year. The flower stalk, unopened flower buds, and flowers are all edible as well. Gourmet eating!
This pergola at the garden entry serves as a support for hardy kiwi (a grape-sized fuzzless kiwi you eat skin-and-all, with a spritely flavor).
These orange flame parrot tulips are not only lovely, they’re delicious eating! Yes, tulip petals are an edible flower, stunning on a salad.
Bridge over the pond and walkway to the PoSH entrance.
Comfrey plant nurtures this Akane apple tree just beginning to bloom. Comfrey’s deep roots mine the soil for minerals and it’s large leaves help mulch the soil for the tree. Did you know apple blossoms are edible?
All photos by Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC, taken Earth Day 2016.

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