Help Us Get PoSH Up & Running

We’ve been busy renovating the PoSH retreat center (still on target for opening late March 2016). The Farmhouse kitchen is nearly complete and it’s shaping up to be the cozy, inviting, nostalgic hearth and gathering space we hoped for with its rustic ceiling beams, recycled cabinetry painted a distressed vintage white, soft gray concrete countertops and rustic wood floors… We can’t wait to share the reveal, and show you how we did it using only non-toxic materials! But right now, we need your assistance.

In lieu of traditional fundraising, we’ve opted for an Amazon wish list. Why? Because we want to create PoSH together, as a community. Working together can be a powerful healing force. We’re asking that you send your gift with a positive nurturing intention, a healing prayer or a wish for wellness. dandelion heartGathering all these energies will be a powerful healing boost to the cancer patients and their families who come here to rest, repair and rejuvenate. And you’ll know that a little piece of PoSH happened because of you.

The wish list also gives us the chance to share with you the very furnishings and products we’ve selected for this non-toxic healing space: organic sheets and towels, dishes with lead-free/cadmium-free glaze, food-safe stainless steel knives, food prep appliances with BPA-free containers, and more.

amazon wish list
Help us stock the PoSH kitchen, bath and bedrooms! When you peruse the PoSH wish list, you’ll garner great tips for avoiding toxins in your home, and discover products trusted by Your Nutrition Team.

So rather than seeking cash donations, we’re asking you to help us stock the PoSH Healing Retreat space.

We’d like to thank you for your gift. Can we list your name—or a survivor or loved one you wish to honor—in the PoSH Resources packet? PoSH guests will get a resources binder so they can take home all the fabulous healing info from PoSH and Your Nutrition Team. The recipes we made together during your stay. The name and photo of that weird perennial vegetable you tasted for the first time and loved, even though others might call it a weed. Seed companies that stock nutrient-powerhouse, heirloom and GMO-free vegetable seeds. Tips for making therapeutic bath salts from scratch. Products you can use to stop off-gassing of formaldehyde and other carcinogens into your home. Where to order that amazing affirmations CD. And dozens of other tips, ideas and resources for living an Anti-Cancer Life. We’ll be sharing this info here on our PoSH Magazine too, for those of you who might not be able come for a retreat.

We’ve been blessed to receive so much support for this project every step of the way. Everyone who learned about the project has wanted to support the cause. Thanks to everyone who has donated (cash and services totaling $28,546.01 so far, with more coming in each week). Your gift can help us reach our goal of $53,426.69. Click the link to see our Amazon wish list.

PoSH’s Amazon Wish List



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