Meet the PoSH Team

You know us, we’ve been Your Nutrition Team since 1997. You know our expertise in cancer nutrition, whole foods, and diet therapies. You’re familiar with our approach: educating and empowering our clients to build an anti-cancer environment within the body with wholesome foods, carefully selected supplements and lifestyle changes. Now we’d like to introduce you to our other skills. You see, PoSH is a melding of our various skills, interests, hobbies and passions. It’s an opportunity for us to bring our whole selves to work, and to offer you a wider, more comprehensive approach toward healing. You’ve been asking us for a healing center, a retreat space. Renovations to our 1,500 sq ft retreat center are underway, and PoSH is slated to open its doors in 2017.

Wallace photo 2012Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC

Nutrition • Permaculture • Edible Landscaping • Healthy Homes • Kitchen Goddess

I grew up on a farm and spent a great deal of my childhood outdoors, in the garden, with animals, in the barn, exploring nature. For 15 years now, I’ve been nurturing soil fertility and creating a 1-acre edible landscape at the PoSH site. Here you’ll find nearly 200 edibles, including perennial vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, edible flowers, and culinary and medicinal herbs. I love exploring rare, unusual, and heirloom edibles as well as foods from other cultures. And by dedicated efforts to nourish soil ecology, we’re able to grow foods with superior levels of minerals, vitamins and cancer-fighting phytonutrients…the very components of foods that create amazing flavor!

explore new veggies
Explore new veggies! Milkweed florets, linden leaves, turkish rocket ‘broccolinis,’ crosnes tubers, scorzonera greens, milkweed pods [clockwise from top].

A favorite local event I host is a tasting tour of perennial vegetables and edible weeds. Compared to annual crops, perennials are ideal because of they’re easy-to-grow and nutrient-dense. You plant them once and they come back each year, growing an ever stronger root system and offering far greater nutrient levels (compared to annuals which have just one season to get established). It’s a tour that changes your world-view: suddenly you understand: there’s food everywhere you look. People get very excited when they discover how easy it can be to provide some sustenance for oneself. Much of the effort and labor people imagine is essential to gardening is counterproductive or misdirected: tilling, weeding, fertilizing, planting new crops each season. By encouraging nature to do the work for us, permaculture landscapes are self-sustaining…plant once, and for the most part the work you’ll be doing is observing and harvesting. 

I began cooking at a young age. Living on the farm, the ingredients available were exceedingly fresh and superior quality. My taste buds became accustomed to very high standards. The food available today’s markets doesn’t come close to the foods I ate as a child. So I’m committed to growing my own, sharing “real food” experiences with our guests, and training the next generation of farmers how to grow foods for optimal nutrition (rather than merely for profit).

I’ve always loved a good kitchen challenge. Say a client requests a healthier version of a favorite food: no-grain, no-sugar brownies? I can do that. Ketogenic pizza? No problem. Easy nourishing bone broth? Yep! Vegan, low-carb pasta alfredo? I’ve got you covered. I’m looking forward to inviting our guests and readers into the PoSH Farmhouse Kitchen for some cooking lessons and lively food discussions. 

air quality
We tend to think of environmental toxins coming from “out there,” but explorations in Building Ecology show the majority of toxin exposures are in our homes.

In my 20’s, I was drawn to intentional communities and natural building, including a stint in New Mexico where I helped to build passive solar adobe casitas with a gravity-flow water system, orchards irrigated with grey-water, composting toilets, and solar hot water. My personal health challenges required avid attention to avoiding toxins and chemical exposures. I was introduced to Building Biology, aka Bau-Biologie, the science of creating a healthy home. I’ve continued to research and study the chemicals that lurk in our homes and workplaces—radon, formaldehyde, EMFs, heavy metals, mold, VOCs—and the health risks they pose. I’ll be directing the PoSH renovations to ensure we create an environment that’s not only free of toxins, but one that truly nurtures health and well-being.

M Gerencser picMichelle Gerencser, MS

Nutrition • Mindfulness • Meditation • Outdoor Guide

I started meditating in 1992 as a way of connecting with the earth and a deeper sense of meaning. It started with a quiet seat and a candle in my living room in New Jersey. When I moved to Manhattan I would sit on the dock at the base of the World Trade Center, panning back to find calm in the tumultuous sea of individuals and cars.

Shortly after moving to Cache Valley in 2002, I became acquainted with the Buddhist sangha community here. And in 2006 we were fortunate to have a dharma teacher of the Insight Meditation tradition, Susie Harrington, travel to us from Moab and offer a weekend retreat where I began to learn about a new style of meditation that would become the mainstay of my practice. It’s called vipassana.

Font Yard
Entry to Michelle’s garden.

The simple aim of vipassana practice is to see things as they really are. With this support for clearer seeing I have found it is then possible to take wiser action and experience more contentment and less suffering. The instructions for this practice were given by the Buddha in the Satipatthana Sutta, The Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness.

After attending several retreats with Susie Harrington, in 2010 I entered a two-year intensive training in vipassana with her and a small group of local dharma friends. Toward the end of the training a few of us from the group attended a 10-day meditation retreat with Susie in Peru that included a trek through the Andes. Our Dharma In Daily Life group has stayed together, with those of us who are still in Cache Valley meeting regularly as a Kalyana Mitta (group of spiritual friends) to practice and discuss the dharma.

What I value perhaps most about vipassana is that it is possible to practice it anywhere, while doing anything. I find particular richness in practicing outside, though I am not what most would call an “outdoor person”. The natural surroundings come with a dynamic aliveness as well as discomforts that are no small thing to me. Nonetheless, something brings me out there, so I say yes to it, and I go.

I appreciate the teachings of the popular modern Western Buddhist teachers, and I feel fortunate to have attended the teaching of Zen Master and founder of Engaged Buddhism Thich Nhat Hanh while visiting Deer Park Monastery. I also enjoy the Christian contemplative practice called centering prayer and sacred song of many traditions. I have sung in church choirs for many years and have a particular fondness for Gregorian, Byzantine, and mantra chant.

Nicole Tamashiro, manager

Guest Services, Retreat Coordinator, Professional Photographer

Nicole joined the Nutritional Solutions team from Hawaii in 2015. She deeply enjoys one-on-one interaction with our clients. She is highly skilled in coordinating the care of our clients, helping them make arrangements for their retreat, and planning the activities to ensure a balance of education and enrichment with rest and rejuvenation.  She is available to take professional photos of you during your retreat, so you can return home with memories.

The Landscape: Healing with Nature’s Abundance

Nature is such a profound source of healing. And PoSH is surrounded with sweeping views of the Bear River and Wellsville mountain ranges, and the fertile lush Cache Valley. Basking in this healing energy is an important part of your visit. At PoSH, you’ll have the chance to drink herb teas grown on site, soak in a tub of herbal bath salts, and heighten the experience of your sauna or massage with carefully selected aromatherapy essential oils.

olive spa bath
The bath is a great place to enjoy some aromatherapy.

We’ll share with you our herbal formulas for relaxation, reducing stress, nourishing your immune system, and bolstering your body’s innate capacity for repair and rejuvenation. You’ll discover many culinary and medicinal herbs growing in the PoSH gardens, together with many perennial vegetables and nutritious wild edibles. You’ll learn how easy it is to grow these at home, even if the only gardening spot you have is for a potted plant on the balcony or window ledge. We’ll share creative ways to incorporate wild greens, spices and herbs into tasty recipes for soups, salad dressings, herbal marinades and more. Use some of your retreat time in a hands-on session to make your own non-toxic, chemical-free lotion, toothpaste, skin care, or cleaning supplies using aromatherapy oils. We’ll send you home with the recipes, so you can continue to make herbal products for yourself and your family.

We can’t wait for you to see the pantry at PoSH! Imagine perusing a kitchen stocked with all the best anti-cancer foods, all the healthiest and best brands gathered into one kitchen.

herbs and spices
Imagine each spice jar labeled with both culinary and medicinal uses.

When you open the spice cabinet in your kitchen, do you see basil, oregano, ginger, rosemary? We see potent plant medicines with the power to balance the microbiome, affect brain chemistry, nourish the adrenals, and address hormone imbalances. We’ve developed special labels for the PoSH spice pantry so you can discover these properties as you use herbs and spices in your cooking.

You might visit your doctor once every few weeks or months, but your everyday life affords the opportunity to care for your health on a daily basis. Our goal is to immerse you in a healing environment, and help you discover simple strategies you can use to bolster your wellness.

We’ve already heard from clients ready to reserve a visit at PoSH that they plan to snap pictures of everything, but that won’t be necessary. You’ll be returning home with a binder organized with a wealth the information—recipes, resources, seed sources, gardening tips, ideas for using herbs in your daily life, directions for using spices in your kitchen, mindfulness tips, sources for non-toxic home products, and more. We encourage you to create your own Permaculture Solutions for Healing (PoSH) at home. And we look forward to your visit!